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Latest Videos: Have a laugh and Playing music with Bill

Here is one of two videos of our lambs which my husband and I both found rather funny:

Crazy lambs 2 weeks old  These were not taken by me but by Bill.

Below are the links to My channel short clips of songs I played on at Bill’s guest spot at Titirangi folk music club, Auckland NZ in June 2015.  I played mandolin and sang and probably talked too much between songs!

Dinks song

Roving Gambler

All the good times are past and gone

Gotta Travel on

End of one song leading into Poor Wayfaring Stranger

The Wellerman (a NZ song) and There is a time

I will add more video links later.

Invitation for full submission – Keeping Culture In Mind

Evangelia Papoutsaki 3/15/2012 5:10 PM >>>

Dear Yvonne,


Thank you for submitting your book proposal to Unitec ePress and pologies for the late reply.  The advisory committee sees the value and the potential of your work as an e-publication and would like to invite you to submit the full manuscript for its full consideration.


They  are also keen in having more information on the readership of this publication and its inclusion in Unitec’s curriculum.


After full submission, ePress will seek full peer reviewing of your work which will assist you in preparing a quality publication. Please let us know the time frame of completing the remaining of the chapters and if you are still keen in publishing with us.


warm regards



A/Prof. Evangelia Papoutsaki
Dept of Communication Studies
Faculty of Creative Industries & Business Unitec
Carrington Rd, Mt Albert
tel: +64 9 815 4321 ext 8746, Fax: +64 9 815 4330 ,


Research Associate – Pacific Media Centre


Komuniti Tok Piksa – PNG

My favourite ESOL sites for learning about web 2.0 tools

Russell Stannard has a great newsletter which I suggest you join up for, great training videos and loads of ideas of how to exploit tools.  This is linked on our departmental NING (our Community of Practice), which is where Professional Development and ICT learning takes place as well as networking all the schools across three campuses.


Nik Peachey constantly explores and finds new web 2.0 tools for ESOL and other areas.  For advanced learners, these tools are invaluable but they often need a lot of scaffolding for lower level ESOL students.  Most of them have been embedded into our moodle site.

New Zealand (NZ) culture

I started this website with minimal html knowledge and before Dreamweaver in 1994.  It has gone through a few transformations since then but the content remains the same:  New Zealand culture. 

I change the main pages every month to fit with relevant culture and changes in nature.  The number of hits has gradually grown just through word of mouth to about 350 a month. There is no advertising but I have slowly added a number of reciprocal links.

Culture covered: NZ music, food, national and public holidays, weather, high frequency words, places, activities popular each month.

Activities include: listening to music, watching videos of New Zealanders talking about something they are passionate about, high frequency vocabulary, talking to Yvonne, listening to podcasts about New Zealand and there are books to win. 

By making and updating this website I have engaged with external communities, learned html and am constantly upgrading with web 2.0 tools.  I have created a valuable free resource which is accessed though the moodle /student zone/language support.

Culture is integral to language learning and this is one way students can access content in a user friendly form.  All ways of learning are engaged: visual, aural and kinesthetic.



‘Keeping Culture In Mind’ e-press submission

Thanks for your submission

Please contact Kath Bridges if you have any questions
(+64 9) 815 4321 ext 6162

Unitec ePress expression of interest form


Yvonne Hynson






09 8323886


POBOX95233 Swanson 31 Te Henga Rd Waitakere
Auckland 0653
New Zealand
Contributor names
Lynn-Elisabeth Hill
Primary author contact
Yvonne Hynson
Preferred method of communication
Author bio
ESOL (English for Students of Other Languages) teacher for more than 25 years. Interested in the use of strategies to improve reading, learning, reducing affective barriers and increasing cultural awareness.
Written books with New Zealand based content for adults.
Webmistress of; designed to promote desk top publications for Valley Music Publications but which contains a comprehensive variety of free ESOL activities for students related to living in New Zealand and learning about New Zealand culture.
Previous publications
Please include title, author(s), publisher, place, date and ISBN
‘Throw Away Your Dictionary!’ ISBN 0-9583265-9-2 Intensive reading skills workbook -Y.Hynson 2009
I have co-written five EFL/ESOL texts with Bill Hynson.
Weather Or Not Teacher and student editions ISBN 0-9583265-0-9&-1-7 Edition 2 /2003
Weather 2 Or Not – The Workbook ISBN 0-9583265-5-X Edition 2 /2003
Weather Or Not Puzzles ISBN 0-9583265-6-8 1994

Desk top publisher: Valley Music Publications, Waitakere NZ

Select a Choice


  • Book
Title of submitted work and Subtitle


Keeping Culture In Mind
Brief summary of submitted work


A course/textbook on intercultural communication which will have multi-level entry from high Elementary to Advanced and Diploma levels. New Zealand (NZ) content based with 12 universal themes to be explored tagged to each month of the year. The template for each unit (8pp) now includes 2 pages for introducing image literacy, introduction to the theme, 1-2 pages which focus on social organisation, 1-2 pages for body language and specific related literacy issues, 1-2 pages for reflections and decisions. Some MP3s have also been made.
Upload your synopsis, abstract or sample chapters


unit_0_10jan2012.pdf 799.88 kB ·


Topic summary *

The topics for each month of the year are followed by potential cultural blocks to be explored:
Preview: your view/world view – cultural bias, ethnocentrism
1/January: Birth – reciprocity/koha/ names introductions
2/February: Weddings/love sexuality and national days – collectivism/individualism promises
3/March: Education/enrolment – rules (and thought patterns)
4/April: Language/ story telling/ humour –verbal processes/ speech characteristics/social hiatus literacy/orality
5/ May: Family – roles/gender/collectivism and individualism
6/June: Royalty/Heads of Government – nationalism titles/respect
7/ July: Housing/buildings artefacts/money/physical characteristics
8/August: Holidays/sport – proxemics/environment/dress code
9/September: Change/rites of passage – high and low context/time sense
10/October: Religion/ancestors – master symbols/preconceptions taboos/tapu
11/November: Famous people/history/confrontation – power/hierarchy conflict resolution
12/December: Death – fatalism euphemisms free will gift giving (revisited)
Exit unit: culture shock/re-entry shock – personal behaviour experience adaptability

Unique approach of work


To foster explicit comparisons and connections between languages and cultures – with particular reference to Maori and pakeha perspectives (Faculty Goal 20,21,22).
To engage learners in genuine social interaction.
To encourage and develop an exploratory and reflective approach to culture and culture-in language.
To raise awareness of cultural perspective and the impact this has on successful communication inside and outside of class.

Delivery deadline
Are there any events such as conferences or functions that are relevant or linked to the publication?
I would like to present it at CLESOL NZ 2012 August?
Current state of manuscript
90% of content for the first 7 units is finished and 80% of the possible next 7 units is finished. MP3s need to be made.
Estimated completion date
Word processing software used
In Design
Number of illustrations / images / photos
35-50 per unit
Number of graphs
1-2 per unit
Number of tables
1-2 per unit
Has copyright been granted?
Not for all of the images

For what course(s) would this book be appropriate?
DoLS ESOL courses
Is there a general retail interest in this book?
I think there is a global market for this kind of book as it is pitched at a level where there is no other textbook. It also consecutively builds on the teaching of visual literacy strategies. There is also no ESOL textbook which explicitly develops this.
Direct mail
List any groups, organisations or mailing lists (both print and electronic) appropriate to this book.
List any web sites or links appropriate to this book.

What is the market?
ESOL learners in New Zealand and globally.
What new information does this book provide?
Collation of visual literacy strategies. The investigation and reflection phase of cultural differences, which needs to be addressed. Critical examination/exploration of the inseparable language relat
What topical issues does it raise?
Students will be encouraged to explore how and what underpins cultural knowledge and the way it influences everyday interactions and/or creates miscommunication. (Finkbeiner 2006) This will improve their communication with the wider community, especial
What are the major competitors for this book and what advantages does this book offer over each? Please include title(s), author(s), publisher, date and ISBN.

There is no book pitched at Elementary level ESOL learners, only for Intermediate to advanced learners.

Although there are some New Zealand materials available from the Department of Ethnic Affairs, they do not critically examine or explore the inseparable relationship between culture and language, nor do they characterise the intercultural paradigm shift in ESOL education in recent years presented in curriculum and policy documents from Europe, Britain and Australia. The New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2007) has also indicated that learning a language challenges students to consider their own identities and assumptions. This new textbook/supplementary course material will further develop their cognitive skills through making connections in their language learning and promote explicit comparisons.

Ministry of Education (2007) The New Zealand Curriculum. Wellington: Ministry of

Creative Portfolio

The following illustrates my passion for photography, music and video.

I love taking photos and cropping them so they look better.  This one was taken by  Fern, my daughter, on our trip to Australia to see my Dad in 2009.  I was so relaxed after a long walk around the Avoca Beach rocks by the time she took this.  We had flown into Sydney that morning, caught the train to Gosford and my Dad took us on a one hour drive to get to the Central Coast beaches.  The salt air blew away all the stress of the travel.  It is such a lovely photo I use it for nearly every profile these days.

Getting outside – in the bush, round the rocks at the beach, in the garden in wet or fine weather is one of the ways I use to reduce stress.


Here are some of the photos I have taken of the staff for the student zone information page:


My website also contains videos and photos I have taken and there is a Powerpoint on the bush which has been downloaded a lot.  The bush is also a favourite place to release stress.  The peace you find there and the green everywhere has a ‘recharging of the battery’ effect.

In 2012 for 6 weeks I went to Great Britain for the first time.  I spent a lot of time taking photos and here is the link to the Flickr file. Students were shown these photos and followed my trip from the classroom. It was a way of including them in the journey while I was absent from class for 4 weeks.

4 UK ( some at the start are of the bush and our lifestyle block.

This semester (2012 Feb- Jun) I also took the students on trips outside of class and the next day we used the photos to write narratives.  These were then attached to the classroom walls for everyone to read.  I believe this connects the outside world with the classroom in a very real way and the feedback was excellent.  For some it was the first time to see the sea or travel outside of their suburb.

Class trips for Elementary 2

CLESOLNZ 2012 conference was in Palmerston North so colleagues and myself drove 7 hours one way with several stops:  Tirau – home of the lovely corrugated art, the Desert Rd on the way back as the weather had cleared and we could see the mountains and an ‘equestrian cafe’.

Andreas Lund was one of the keynote speakers and the conference was held in an international college.  The grounds were beautiful.  Around the city spring was in the air and a local park had an aviary with the native kaka (parrot).

Auckland to Palmerston North Road Trip

The weather for Wellington while I was at the ILA conference  Aug/Sep 2012 was fine and not too windy. I always joke that Wellington is windy, (full of wind from politicians as this is the capital of NZ and seat of government is the Beehive Building), wet and wild.

A week later, September 7, the wind tore corrugated iron off the roof of buildings on the waterfront, wind was excessive and it poured down.  Ironically, whenever I go there (3 times in the last 20 years) it has been beautiful blue skies and settled weather!

Here are photos of the waterfront and city.

MUSIC-  cassette tape recordings for youtube from my twenties!

Bill Hynson has taken raw recordings from gigs we did and using Protools and imovie recreated the feel of the time. There were no video or even photographs that we could find to support the songs with.

I play drums, dulcimer, mandolin, cymbals etc and sing in all of these songs:

A Glimpse of Heaven


I Will Go

VIDEO- Have a laugh with the Jazz Santas

My husband Bill plays in a group specifically playing Christmas songs with a jazz feel.  I took all the raw footage but the kudos go to Bill for the production, ideas and learning heaps more about imovie than me now. This has been my main creative outlet for the last few months.

I learnt about getting the right size shot, lighting and sharing.  The latter was probematic because  my iphone 4 was not  compatible with the current app on our computer and was unable to sync- by far the quickest way to import.  Through a totally inefficient but successful route I was able to get them imported: send portions of large movies from the iphone to email as attachments, remove from email and save onto the desktop as jpg, then import into imovie.  TORTUOUS and time consuming but they are now finished products with more in the pipeline.

The first link is to not only the Jazz Santas but other groups Bill Hynson is in.  I took the footage for these too.  Some were at night so I learnt a lot about using the two possible lighting options on the camera.

Jazz Santas

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Ding Dong Merrily on High